Welcome to my website: where you can view my personal collection of CoverCraft official First Day Covers.

The collection includes most of the signed copies, as issued originally by CoverCraft, as well as later versions where I was fortunate enough to get a signature purely to add to this collection. There are also a few 'cds' and slogan postmark variations and other oddments.

CoverCraft was founded in London in 1985 by Raf de Swarte who had previously worked as 'Design Encounter'  producing a number of special posters, prints and postcards as well as First Day Covers.  As demand for his 'philatelic' work increased it became clear that this would be the main focus of the business, hence the change of name to CoverCraft.

A wide range of special projects soon followed with anniversary editions for oil companies such as Ultramar and Esso, historic Trades Unions such as the GMB and the T&G,  the RAF Memorial Flight and magazines such as Radio Times. A set of six postcards marking the Tercentenary of Lloyd's of London was also produced in 1988.

The most recent First Day Cover was issued in 2004 and a Commemorative Cover in 2005.  For over 20 years Raf has designed covers for various well known companies  and worked with some of Britain's top designers and illustrators.  In addition to sponsored official First Day Covers he has produced hundreds of Commemorative Covers and has worked with the Royal Mail and many other household names in the world of First Day Covers and postmark designing.   When I was offered the opportunity of obtaining the web name directly from him I decided this was a great chance for me to show my collection on the Internet!

The collection is not quite complete however as I continue to search for a handful of signed covers, and other possible cover variations, but that is part of the challenge and pleasure of collecting what are recognised as some of the most innovative and interesting First Day Covers ever produced.

I hope you enjoy my collection. Thank you for visiting.

Richard Dean